Follow Me

We applied Geographically Dispersed Control to develop this feature that lets the Calabax Cart follow you around the store, completely eliminating the need for pushing the cart thereby creating a much more luxurious shopping experience

Phone Dock

We added a phone dock that will serve as a phone stand enabling you to take video calls, charge your phone and look through shopping list

Self Checkout

We made significant software improvements to our checkout system enabling a faster checkout experience alongside expanding the options for P2P checkout

Shop and Scan

Shopping and Scanning makes the shopping experience much better, we increased the library of items that are supported and made software and hardware improvement which speeds up this process

Spending Tracker

Our revamped software enables the shopper to track how much they have spent, This will enable smarter and more efficient shopping.


The entire store has been brought closer to you! Find all the treasures with the click of a button!

Cup Holder

Who doesn't love a cup of coffee while shopping? or a glass of wine, or 2 or 3 why not 4, we are definitely not cutting you off at 13 ;)

New Design

We improved the design of our cart, utilizing nature as our muse, we crafted a highly unique design which pays homage to the elements. We built that design and we are beyond proud of how it turned out!