What the @#c% is Calabax?

Calabax is a Chicago based disruptive technology start up that is the brain child of Babafemi Ekundayo. Calabax is a quantum leap in the evolution of the shopping cart.

It provides a new vista highlighting the potential of the shopping cart to satisfy the customer and partners demands through exciting new features which are shopping and scanning simultaneously, Specialized software has been created that enables the user to shop and scan simultaneously, creating a shopping experience that is seamless and faster by skipping the checkout counter.

Technology that enables the shopper to check out on the shopping cart allowing for additional time savings, the software provides real time track of how much is been spent for shoppers who want to spend within a budget and the crown jewel a means to find items within the store further demystifying the store and consequently improving the shopping experience.

The Calabax shopping cart eliminates the need for push instead forward and backward movement is conducted through the flip of a button, speed control of the shopping cart is through a knob on the side which allows for seamless control.

Calabax is eager and ready to find application in grocery stores like Aldi, Walmart, Family Dollar, Target e.t.c. it is an exciting time to be at the fore front revolutionizing what shopping carts are capable of and improving customer experience at the same time. We look forward to what the future will bring and we hope you stay with us on this journey!

Ps: its pronounced Calabash… ;)

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