How much does it cost?

For Shoppers

It costs $5 for 30 minutes of use! You will be pro-rated for additional or less time

For Stores

You do not purchase the Calabax cart! It is placed in your store for your shoppers to use. It will help facilitate checkout, finding items and payment with the customer paying as they use the service. For more information contact us

How can I get it to my store?

We are always excited to onboard new stores to the growing network! Reach out to us at contact us we will discuss opportunities and requirements

What benefit will it bring my store?

It improves your processes since customers no longer need to wait at the checkout line which will free up your staff to do other tasks in the store, your customers will be able to find items faster in your store! It enables payment through Zelle and Chime, eliminating the need for cash payments an option which is available!
It will set your store apart from other stores by providing a technological edge which we are introducing in the Summer'23 Series whereby the Calabax Cart follows the customer around the store as oppose to pushing it, the cart also also has a pphone dock for phone charging and usage.

We created an awesome page documenting these advantages in this link here

How does it differ from regular shopping carts?

It is a transcendental improvement in the capabilities of the regular shopping cart with super powers such as self check out, follow me, phone charging, find, price tracker e.t.c.

Are they going to go sentient and take over the world???


How will it work with the items in our store?

We will register all the items in your store in our software to enable full integration! We will be excited to discuss how this will work with you.
Reach Out

What is the manufacturing lead time for full integration?

This depends on the amount of inventory in the store. This will be discussed in post agreement phase

How many carts will you be supplying?

This depends on store size and foot traffic.
At start, 1 Cart will be supplied per store and this will be raised up utilization evaluation.

What are my responsibilities as a store owner with the Calabax cart in my store?

Following store audit, this will be discussed in further details
Basic requirement will involve:
Providing charging spaces
Providing 3 staff for Calabax POC
Providing secure internet connection
Providing temporary assembly spaces
Providing promotional spaces and support

How do I use it as a shopper?

We made sure it is ridiculously easy to use. When you get your Calabax Cart! Click on the button on the splash page on the tablet!

This will direct you to the transaction page where you can scan items

Wave you hand forward and the Cart will recognize you.

Walk ahead of the cart and it will follow you.

When you find an item you want!

Stop the cart by stopping

Place barcode of the item in front of the scanner located by the right corner of the tablet!

Scan the item and the item will be registered into your virtual cart. Repeat this process for all the items you are looking to buy!

If you ever need help! Click on the help button and tell them where you are!

When you are done shopping!
Go to the store exit
Click the pay button
An associate will conduct an audit of your cart! And your car will be valeted to you
You will make payment through Zelle or Chime or cash! You will carry your items out and into your car if you drive

How do I pay?

You can use Zelle, Chime or pay with cash!

How do I get a receipt?

Your receipt is given upon transaction completion and it is emailed to the email address provided or phone number provided

Where can I use the Calabax Cart?

We are very hard at work making sure you can have it in your hand ASAP! We are reaching out to a lot of supermarkets and hopefully very soon they’d be in a store near you!! Fingers crossed!