The Battle of the Shopping Carts

Feature Calabax Cart Regular Cart
Find Items True ✅ Fail
Push-Free True ✅ Fail
Convenient True ✅ Fail
Shop and Scan True ✅ Fail
P2P Payment (Zelle) True ✅ Fail
Self-Checkout True ✅ Fail
Valet Service True ✅ Fail
Cup Holder True ✅ Rarely True... So Fail
Spending Tracker True ✅ LOL
Overall Better Cart True ✅ Fail

The Calabax cart is an overall better cart than regular shopping carts. it overcomes the limitations of regular carts by super charging what shoppers are capable of. We will love the opportunity to discuss the execution methods for your store and bring this innovation to your store ASAP!

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